martedì 31 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 609 **Clarita

Outfit: Clarita Gatcha * bodysuit*shoes* chocher included  by :[P]:- 
Moto: Harle Road Chopper AC14 By Arty Crea ** 5 COLORS Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Pose: Smoke on Wall + extra with facial- unisex pose bento- stop hand face animation by Mocap Italy 
Tatto Face: "Molten Crown (Ichor)" by Nefekalum Tattoos ** The Darkness event ** January 5th - January 28th

domenica 29 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 608 ** Tati

Outfit: Set "Tati" by Amataria 
Shoes:Shoes: BDSM SNEAKERS by Bishes Inc
Decor: "Love You on ski" Xmas Teddy Bears by .:Tm:.Creation ** Copy for buy Exclusive for DUBAI Event (Open December 20th, 2019 1pm SLT to January 10th , 2020)

Shot ** 607 ** Gabi

Tattoo: Gabi by Juna Artistic tattoo EXCLUSIVE for Dubai- December -For Woman and Man *Open 20th December - Closed 10th January
Decor and background: Window Seat Backdrop (with Poses) by Salacity

** Info tattoo Here

domenica 22 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 606 **Aubrey

Dress: Aubrey Dress w/ Scarf by [Ari-Pari] @ Red Square Event ** December 20th, 2019 thru January 10th, 2020
Accessories: Stockings Snow Dark White two colors : white and black by , Red Square Event December 20th, 2019 thru January 10th, 2020
Accessories: Ear Muffs by boyberry @ Red Square Event December 20th, 2019 thru January 10th, 2020
Decor: "The Sledge" Winter Scene with anims. wa16 by .:Tm:.Creation 

venerdì 20 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 605 ** Isabela

Dress: Christmas Candy by {REC} @ Heathens Court Events Dec 5th-23rd 2019
Accessories:  Isabela Bag by Eva Boutique @ 7event start Dec 5
Decor : Yule Wreath by {COH}  @ Heathens Court Events Dec 5th-23rd 2019

lunedì 16 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 604 ** Harle

Outfit:Chii Outfit by  Keystyle** exclusive for the seven event,start 5 closed 30
MotorcyclesHarle Legende Pink By Arty Crea **5 COLORS
Unique construction sl makes by me even there blender
Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.

Shot ** 603 ** Happy Holidays

Short: CHII OUTFIT by Keystyle ( Top- shor- Shoes- gloves and STOKINGS black included)** exclusive for the seven event,start 5 closed 30
Tattoo: Hirs tattoo **These are the exclusives  tattoos for SWANK Event - December - by Juna Artistic Tattoo
Decor : Grinchmas Boxes Pile and Grinchmas Sitting Box by [HL] exclusive .::Driftwood December 2019::.
Pose: Bento Poses - Mistletoe Female - by Creative Stylez ** MP-Link:

info Tattoo here

martedì 10 dicembre 2019

Shot **601 ** Rebecca

Outfit:  "Rebecca" by MoRnemiR
Decor: Hamster Baubles (Gacha life) by MOoHThe gacha life Dec 5 - 31 2 Christmas inspired gachas with baubles in style and with cute hamsters.

lunedì 9 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 600 ** Tilly

Shoes: BDSM SNEAKERS by Bishes Inc
Decor: "Snowy Bycicle" Winter Deco wa25 by .:Tm:.Creation Exclusive for Tlalli The Fair Around the World (Opens 10th December, 2019 2pm Slt to 2nd January, 2020) 

Shot ** 598 ** Warrior

Outfit: Rhian Warrior by :[P]:- 
Tattoo: Kay's Vision  by Nefekalum 
Decor: --Portal of Elentirmo-- by [HarshLands] **  @ .::Swank December 2019::. Start December 7, 2019

sabato 7 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 597 ** Hot Cocoa

Pants: Sammy pants light by MOoH!
Decor: Hot Cocoa Cart whit Polar bear by ~ [NB] ~ @ Heathens Court Even start 5 -21 December

giovedì 5 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 596 **Ashley

Coat: Fur Coat "Ashley" by Amataria** Exclusive to event "Cosmopolitan" - 1 December only for Maitreya Lara 
Tattoo: Gacha Luana Tattoo by Juna Artistic Tattoo ** EXCLUSIVE for The Liaison Collaborative - December-Open 3rd December - Close 26th December **Info tattoo Here
Lipstick:  Glossy Lipstick Lights [GENUS] by ARTE

mercoledì 4 dicembre 2019

Shot ** 595 ** Meego

Outfit: Christmas Festive Pajamas by ★After Midnight Fashion★ Exclusive at the UP Event Dec 1-15th
Horns: Drom Antlers by  :[P]:-
Decor: 1219 bedroom set by Midnyte Creations ** This is an exclusive item for the Naughty or Nice event that starts December 14th ( bed-lamp-nightstand-picture frame-plant vase)
Decor: --Meego Holdables and Orbiters-- by Harshlands @ .::Imaginarium December 2019::.

Shot **594 ** Ella

Outfit:  Ella" Sweatshirt&Short by MoRnemiR ( only for Maitreya)
Eyes and EyebrowsCrystal Eyes & Ari Eyebrows by ARTE ** Eyes and Eyebrows for TLC, event start  3 - 26th December
Accessories: Naja Earring by --< RichB. >--

Shot ** 593 ** Margaret

Outfit: Margaret by Keystyle** esclusive for THE DARKNESS EVENT start 5 dicember closed 28
Decor :   Here Arrives Santa by A&J  @Heathens Court Even start 5 -21 December

lunedì 2 dicembre 2019

Shot **592 ** Winter Love

Outfit: - Set "Valery" - by Amataria **Exclusive to event "Shiny Shabby" - 20 November only for Maitreya Lara 
Shoes:  KAYA  by Bishes Inc
Decor: wa23 "Snowy love Words" Winter PG-ADT by .:Tm:.C. Exclusive for Look Event (Open November 24th to December 24th, 2019) Available in .:Tm:.Creation store after December 25th

martedì 19 novembre 2019

Shot ** 591 ** lost girl

Tattoo:  Tell-Tale by Nefekalum Tattoos @ Humpday Sale **
What is Humpday? 
"Every Wednesday, Tuesday at Midnight SLT to be exact, an easy to use shopping guide HUD is sent through the Humpday Sale Update group inworld to all its members giving them a wearable guide allowing its shoppers to flip through the ads and directly teleport to all the main stores of their choosing to pick up the items for an exclusive price of just 69 Lindens each for the duration of that day."

lunedì 18 novembre 2019

Shot ** 590 ** Keke

Lingerie: Lingerie Set "Keke" by Amataria 
Tattoo:  Oblivion by ...:::DEATH INK TATTOO SHOP:::....
Decor:  "Warm and Fuzzy" Blanket PG-ADT  by  :Tm:.C. Exclusive for Sense Event (Open 18th November, 4PM SLT to 08th December, 2019)

Shot ** 589 ** Teacher

Outfit: Teacher by Keystyle exclusive for the hashtag event ,start 16,closed 30
Pose: - Bento Poses - Vintage Set 1 - Creative Stylez
LipStick: Lips -#45 by --< RichB. >--

domenica 17 novembre 2019

Shot ** 588 ** Sexy Chica

Outfit: Casual Outfit "Sexy Chica" by ♚ ::: Vivacious Inc. ::: ♚ ( Jacket and Shoes not included)
Decor : Pampery in the Snow"Scene PG-ADT Exclusive @ Tres Chic Venue **Start Open 17th November, 12pm SLT  to 10th December, 2019 by  .:Tm:.C.

lunedì 11 novembre 2019

Shot ** 586 ** Xanne

Outfit: by  Xanne Bodysuit [Mait-Noir] RARE :[P]:-
Decor : The Autumn Guardian by [HarshLands] @ Swank start Nov 7, 2019
Decor: Root of the Heart by [HarshLands] Enchantment start Nov 9, 2019
Tattoo: Kathy by Juna Artistic tattoo **2 version: Colored and Black & White 

domenica 10 novembre 2019

Shot ** 585 ** Sophia

Outfit: "Li" bodysuit by MoRnemiR ( Boot included)
Pose: Bento Poses - Set Sophia by Creative Stylez ▶▶Exclusive @ AFTER PARIPI FAIR from 02nd November to 24th November 2019
Lipstick: Lips #23 by --< RichB. >--

sabato 9 novembre 2019

Shot ** 584 ** Aubrey

Outfit: No Limit Outfit by Ito 
Shoes:  Aubrey heels by MOoH! 
Decor and pose: [Cursed Angels] Love to Read Pose by Midnyte Creations
Motorcycle: Kawa ZX-RR By Arty Crea** 
Full Detailled 
Best script low lag 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Realistic poses for driver 
Turbo – Additional engine and steering power for racing
Content Hud For Race and Tiny Cam

giovedì 7 novembre 2019

Shot ** 583 ** Abigail

Top: Booty Top by L.I.C.
Pants:  Abigail pants by MOoH! ** The new group gift for November is up for you. Torn pants in the basics series in 50 colors! And of course a new raffle, 150L gift card and Lucky chairs. ​For weekly discount deals look under the "Sales" tab
Glasses: Azwenn Jewelry - Female Black Fair 2019 by  :[P]:-
Shoes: ELLA @ TRES CHIC by Bishes Inc
Decor:  S44 "Our Moment" Crates Scene ADT-PG /11-19 Exclusive for UniK Event (Open 7th 1PM SLT to 28th November, 2019) by .:Tm:.Creation 
Tattoo: Irene by Juna Artistic tattoo 

martedì 5 novembre 2019

Shot ** 582 ** Azwenn

Accessories:  Azwenn Jewelry - Female Black Fair 2019 by  :[P]:-
Lipstick: lips #50 by --< RichB. >--
Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow #19 by  --< RichB. >--

Shot **581 ** Eyes

Outfit: Sharon by Amataria  Exclusive to event "Cosmopolitan" - 4 November only for Maitreya Lara body 
Lipstick: Lips #51 HUD (Genus) @ Vanity Event by --< RichB. >-- start Nov 5, 2019
Eyeshadow: Eyeshadow #27 HUD (Genus)  @ Vanity Event by --< RichB. >-- start Nov 5, 2019
Tattoo: Silvia EXCLUSIVE for After Paripi Fair - November ** Open 2nd November - Close 24th November by Juna Artistic Tattoo
 Info Tatto Here

lunedì 4 novembre 2019

mercoledì 30 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 579 ** Devils

Outfit: - Dress "Mona" gacha by Amataria** Exclusive to event "Cosmopolitan" - 21 October only for Maitreya Lara body 
Lipstick: Tattoo #04 HUD Genus by --< RichB. >--
Pose: Bento Poses - Look at me -Creative Stylez -
Accessories: Trust FaceChain by --< RichB. >--
Decor: [Love see You] ADT Old drawer Decor anim-Sense 10/19  by .:Tm:.C.

lunedì 28 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 577** Cemetery shooting

Outfit: Combat by keystyle
Motocycle: BMV R1000 by Arty creation
Unique construction sl makes by me even there blender
Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Decor and background: Cemetery wall and Tombstone by [HarshLands] @ Driftwood Dream Series Event  and Skeleton Avatar - Crystal Infection by 

venerdì 25 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 576** Kele

Tattoo: Kele tattoo MiniGacha ** EXCLUSIVE for Halloween Sales 2019** Open 24th October - Close 4th November by JunaArtistic Tattoo
Horns: Luciferan Horns - Black Fair 2019 by :[P]:- 
Panties: Leather Bikini by L.I.C.

Info tatoo here

Shot ** 575 ** Hunter

Outfit:  MoRnemiR & Amataria - Gacha Set "Hunter" Exclusive - DUBAI EVENT - 21 October only for Maitreya  
Pose and Decor:  Elephant poses ** Exclusive item for  Mad Circus Event Starts Oct 5-31 by Midnyte Creations ** Set of 12 poses on a Circus elephant
Poses are bento friendly, uses AV sitter for easy adjusting

mercoledì 23 ottobre 2019

Shot **574 ** Aubrey

Outfit: Maxy Outfit by Ito  starting Oct 19th at the eBody Fashion Event
Shoes: Aubrey heels by MOoH! 
Decor: Skeletons gacha by MOoH! @ These are the items for The Gacha life  Oct 5 - Oct 31
Tattoo: Tattoo # 03 HUD - Genus by --< RichB. >--

martedì 22 ottobre 2019

Shot **573 ** Esther

Outfit: Lingerie Set "Esther" by Amataria
Decor and background:GM35 Always Protected Scene PG-ADT-@ Exclusive for Tres Chic Event (Open 17th October, 12pm SLT to 10th November, 2019) by  .:Tm:.C.
Tattoo: Renee by Juna Artistic Tattoo
This product contains: 

- Tattoo for Classic Avatar and Tattoo Layers (Bakes On Mesh) in 4 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75%, Light 50% and UltraLight 30%); 
- Appliers Hud for mesh Body in 4 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75%, Light 50% and UltraLight 30%) for:
• Altamura
• Belleza
• Eve
• Legacy
• Maitreya
• Omega
• Signature
• Slink               Info tatoo here

domenica 20 ottobre 2019

Shot **572 **Karynis

Outfit: Karynis Mage:// Blogpack FULL+Wingless Companion SQ by :[P]:- 
Decor and Background: Temple of the last one by Harshlands

venerdì 18 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 571 ** Cassandra

Outfit: Cassandra by New Enigma Apparel @Heathens Court Even start 5 October 
Tattoo: Love Death Tattoo 3 tone by ...:::DEATH INK TATTOO SHOP:::....
Accessories:  Boo-Tea / Electric by .TeaBunny. @Heathens Court Even start 5 October 
Decor:  Pumpkin Patch with Scarecrow & Bats MESH by Cosmos  @Heathens Court Even start 5 October 

mercoledì 16 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 570 ** JoJo

Outfit: AKI Sport by Keystyle 

Shoes: Jojo Sneakers by Keystyle @ The best Point event  start 10 October 

Pose: Bento Poses - Yoga - by -Creative Stylez -▶▶Exclusive @ La vie en pose from 10th October to 25th October 2019 ▶▶

Motorcycle: Hondo 2017 By Arty Crea** Unique construction sl makes by me even there blender
Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création
Tattoo: Mel tattoo Unisex EXCLUSIVE for SWANK - October -
For Woman and Man***Open 7th October - Closed 31th October by Juna Artistic tattoo

martedì 15 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 569 ** Kaya

Dress: *SALZ* Skull Dress ~Maitreya~ @Heathens Court Even start 5 October 

Shoes: KAYA @ BLACK FAIR start 5 October by Bishes Inc
Decor:TGL Creepy toys gacha by MOoH!The gacha life Oct 5 - 31. 2 gachas with skeletons in all kinds of activities and a creepy toy decor gacha. 

domenica 13 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 568 ** Black Cats

Outfit: Black Widows by KeystylUP- Avent Stravagance event  Start 16-30
Horns: Drei Horns [Smooth] by :[P]:- 
Backdrops: AG16 The Black Cats Old Scene -@  Esclusive for Driftwood Event (Open October 5th to November 5th, 2019) Available in .:Tm:.Creation store after November 6th, 2019) by 

martedì 8 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 567 ** Herdis

Outfit: Set "Herdis" by Amataria @ Exclusive to event "Cosmopolitan" - 7 October only for Maitreya Lara body 
Outfit: Madame Noir by Keystyle @ Heathens Court Even start 5 October 
Tattoo: Meow Tattoo 3 tone by ...:::Death Ink :::...
Pose: Bento Poses - Fist Bump Female by - Creative Stylez -▶▶Exclusive @ Seven Event from 05th October to 20th October 2019 ▶▶