giovedì 28 giugno 2018

Shot ** 279 ** Lady Night

BiKiNi:   Harness by L.I.C.
Skin: Athari Pastelle Ed.: Senami Femme **Crystal Heart 2018 - Athari Spec. Ed Skins ** male and female by THE PLASTIk
Pose and accessories: Lady night Pose  Bento  + addons by *CNZ* coming soon at the store
Decor:Cleri Swirls by :[P]:-

martedì 26 giugno 2018

Shot ** 278 ** Lovers

Dress: Exposette Harness set by L.I.C.
Pose and decor: - Love Games - by .::Crystal Poses::. 
Tattoo: His BabyGirl by [TD]** available at The XXX Original Event

Shot ** 277 ** Bonnie e Clyde

Outfit: Shayla Shorts & Top by :SassyAF: 
Pose : Bento pose fugitives by SP ** SP Bento pose fugitives 120 L New on BACKDROP CITY** gun included
Motorcycle:Suzuk GSX-R 1000  ** this a gift** free at NEw Store of Arty Creation 

lunedì 25 giugno 2018

Shot ** 276 ** Spider

Make-Up: - Sense June - Exclusive for SENSE Event June 15th to July 8th by Alma MakeUp
Nails: Spider Claws Bento by L.I.C

Shot ** 275 ** BabyGirl

Dress: Heather Set for For the June round of Red Light District which opens June 15th. by 1313 Mockingbird Lane
Shoes: ~ Babygirl ~ by Bishes inc ~
Tattoo: DragonBorne + Appliers by [Seydr]
Motorcycle: Vixboy Touring Army -by Vix Motors product **The EVO Motorcycles are optimized for the better ride,  animations, passenger and parks, with custom made animations.
You can access to the "special features" of the EVO by clicking the tank cap of the bike.
** Menu Access : Owner - Group - All (for CD Player, LovePose)
- Visibility : Allow you to set On/Off the extra parts
- Damage : On/Off Collision System (Broken Glasses, Smoke, sparkle...)
- Explosion : On/Off (Active Damage Required) The motorcycle will explode after several collisions from weapons or shock.
- CD Player : 45 complete Mp3
Pick Song - Cyclic Mode - Random Mode
- LovePose : New *Deluxe* Menu 280 animations

domenica 24 giugno 2018

Shot ** 274 ** Leandra

Dress: - Studded Harness Set - by - Tooty Fruity -
Shoes: Leandra by (*<*) 1313 Mockinbird Line ** Leandra commons and lootbox 1. Mystery Lootbox #2
Tattoo: Tribal Mercenary - Black - Applier Omega by [Seydr]
Accessories: - Pandemonium Horns -by SINFUL NEEDS
Decor : The Maxwelle Chaise by The Plastik ** available at Shiny Shabby June 
Poses: Devi By Entangled Poses

sabato 23 giugno 2018

Shot ** 273 **

Dress: Wake Me Up by (*<*) 1313 ** For Rewind - Summer of Love which opens on June 15th.
Shoes: ~ Anna Light Heel Shoes ~ by ~[TCoD] ~
Poses:  Kali by entangled poses
MakeUp: - TMJ June - by Alma Makeup ** Exclusive for The Men Jail Event June Round, May 8th - 28th. Reasons for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega compatible heads

giovedì 21 giugno 2018

Shot ** 272 **

Bikini: Baywatch by :SassyAF: 
Tattoo:  - Arabian Girl - by - Ferd's Tattoo -available at Expo fair start 10 June at 30
Background and Pose:     Couple //36 by  .::Crystal Poses::.
Decor : Innocent dog by MOoH! These are the items for The Gacha Life + gift June 5 - 30

mercoledì 20 giugno 2018

Shot ** 271 ** Biker

Outfit: JACKET , JUMPSUIT , Helmet and boots by Keystyle
Motorcycle: light motocross bike only 16 prim, manageable, all mesh. Color only red. *Best script in circulation,
KCP ACS SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.

martedì 19 giugno 2018

Shot ** 270 ** The magic portal

Avatar: Araxxis Gatcha Blogpack [Lootbox June] horns, skins, tails, jewelry. UNISEX. gatcha. lootbox June  by The Plastik **
Accessories: [GuiltyCrown]  Inori's void sword by [Mkbcult] ***
Separated-CS package info: (Separated by Combat System package) 
Package 1: [Ccs/Dcs2] weapon version package 
Package 2: [Gm/ML] weapon version package 
Package 3: [LLCS Linden Dmg] weapon package***

Decor : Runic Portal (with panorama) exclusive release for Swank Round  June Open 7th June and ends on the 5th July by [HarshLands] 

lunedì 18 giugno 2018

Shot **269**

Bikini: Rainbow bikini by MOoH! The group gift for the THIRD LIFE group. (Wear the THIRD LIFE group tag) 
Makeup: WORLDCUP FLAG for catwa and lelutka by - WHITE QUEEN -
Tattoo: Kosho by [TD]

domenica 17 giugno 2018

Shot ** 268 ** Faty

Top: ~ Faty (Hud 26 textures) ~ by ~ [TCoD] ~
Skirt: Faty By TCOD
Shoes: Kelly by :Lun'Atic: available the best point event it starts on the 5th of every month
Tattoo: SHANTAL by ~KIRA TATTOO~ available at  EVENT :White Night start 20 May**this tattoo is included in the upper part of the hands + arms avatar

giovedì 14 giugno 2018

Shot ** 267 ** Voodoo

Dress : Lost In Wonderland by *SO*  
Boots: ~ Faty ~[TCoD] ~
Tatoo: Charu by Juna Tattoo ** These are the tattoo for The Chapter Four Open 4th June- End 31th June
Decor :  Voodoo dolls gacha by MOoH! ** These are the items for TWE12VE  June 12 - June 30

mercoledì 13 giugno 2018

Shot ** 266 ** Bonnie

Hair: Seren Mesh Hair by :SassyAF: 
Dress: Karina * Top, skirt and Thong by "Zephyr"
Tattoo:  Charu by Juna Tattoo ** These are the tattoo for The Chapter Four Open 4th June- End 31th June 
Shoes: LAURA HEELS by MODA ** available at KINKY EVENT
Motorcycles: Dominator  - EVO by MotoDesign **The EVO Motorcycles are optimized for the better ride,  animations, passenger and parks, with custom made animations. ** - Menu Access : Owner - Group - All (for CD Player, LovePose)

martedì 12 giugno 2018

Shot ** 265 ** --The Adventures of Captain Korangar--

Avatar and Decor : Gacha set for The Secret Affair Round June Open 5th June - Closed 5th July 2018 by [HarshLands]

Shot ** 264 ** Lucille

Bikini: Maude by MOoH! Available at Jersey Shore opens June 9 - 30. **Is offering 2 bikini packs in solid velvet and fresh print huds
Tattoo: Lucilla by Juna Tattoo **Multiple hud contains the applier for mesh Body in 3 tone** These are the tattoos for the Expo Fair Event Open 10th June and ends on the 30th June
Pose : Beach Game by CNZ available at For eBento 10 -30 June
Accessories: Elegante' Finger Bracelet by L.I.C 

lunedì 11 giugno 2018

Shot ** 263 ** Chey

Dress: BabyDoll Dress (E) by [TD]
Tattoo: CHEY by KIRA TATTOO  available  at EVENT CIRCLE
Starts: 10 June 2 PM SL Time   
Ends: 23 June 2018  2 AM SL Time  
Poses :  Andromeda 3 by - entangled poses - 

domenica 10 giugno 2018

Shot ** 262 ** Arabia

Dress: Ynaya by ***GIULIADESIGN*** available at Expo fair start 10 June at 30
Shape and Skin and MakeUp :Fatima Shape by :::DREAMS::: available at Expo fair start 10 June at 30
Pose: Arabia 1 by .:: RS Bento Poses ::.available at Expo fair start 10 June at 30

Shot ** 261 ** Babydoll *Maria**

Babydoll: bamby lace by KEY STYLE
Tattoo: Maria  by ~KIRA TATTOO~ available Event -Crazy-Fashion open 8 June
Location: Land By Mistero 

sabato 9 giugno 2018

Shot ** 260 ** Mirror

Dress: Sandy outfit urban by **MOoH! **50% discount, which is just 99L. June 1 - June 14 in the main store.
Shoes:  B4U Go-Go Boots by (*<*) 1313 ** For the Vintage Fair which opens on the 8th
Decor: Sunray Mirror by :[P]:- 

venerdì 8 giugno 2018

Shot ** 259 ** Elvenne

Top: Barbie Lattice by L.I.C
Skirt: Barbie leather/latex  by L.I.C
Skin:  Elvenne [F] Skin ** Azulle By :[P]:-**complete with nails and ears
Weapon: Edward Elric's Spear by [ Mkbcult ]** 1.Three Animation Sets** Interface Control /Chat Command/Gesture Operated** Mesh Weapon with high quality texture with texture materials **Realistic sound & weapon effects (magic & normal draw/sheath) 
Accessories: Helianne Headdress [Silver] by by :[P]: 

Shot ** 258 ** Pet pet pet

Outfit: Paint by Numbers - by :SBPC:
Decor : Gacha life Pet shaming by MOoH! **These are the items for The Gacha Life June 5 - 30- 

giovedì 7 giugno 2018

Shot **257 **

MakeUp: - Ashia - Catwa  Lelutka,Akeruka,  Genesis Lab and Omega compatible heads by - ALMA Makeup -
Top: ~ Yumi Straps ~ [TCoD] ~
Pose and background: Love Games // Couple set ** scene and Objects included by .::Crystal Poses::.

Shot ** 256 ** White dreams

Lingerie: Hailey White by [Sexy Princess] 
Accessories: "Slave Bracelets" Bento with HUD Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, Tuty by L.I.C.
Accessories: Earrings - Snake by -Tooty Fruity - **Included is the 1L$ Gift for Spotlight Event Starts: 7th June Ends: 22nd June

mercoledì 6 giugno 2018

Shot **255**

Dress:  jeans pink by Lun'Atic
Shoes: Fur Heels by  ~Bishes inc ~
Accessories: "Slave Bracelets" Bento with HUD Maitreya, Slink, Tonic, Tuty by L.I.C.
Hair: No Haters by SBPC

martedì 5 giugno 2018

Shot ** 254 ** Thunder Evo

Dress:  Gold Off Limits by [Sexy Princess]
Shoes: Fur Heels by  ~Bishes inc ~
Motorcycle:  Thunder - EVO by MotoDesign **The EVO Motorcycles are optimized for the better ride,  animations, passenger and parks, with custom made animations. ** - Menu Access : Owner - Group - All (for CD Player, LovePose)

Shot **253 ** Karin

Eyes:  Pure Eyes - Catwa Applier by CNZ ** Pure Eyes Mesh Eyes + Appliers for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega (9 colors)** For Lost&Found 22 May - 18 June
Tattoo: Karin by Juna **Multiple Hud** These are a tattoo for The Liaison Collaborative Open 3rd June - Closed 26th June 2018
Accessories: Forehead by Keystyle

lunedì 4 giugno 2018

Shot ** 252 ** PicNic

Outfit : Kimberly by Keystyle 
Decor : Decocrate JUNE Vina Dining Set By [P]:-  dining set. bench, table
Decor : Summer Meese for Arcade 2018  start 1° June -Tiny mouse decor and holdables by [P]:-