venerdì 22 marzo 2019

Shot ** 445 ** Josie

Jeans: Josie jeans Light by MOoH!
Tattoo: Silvy by Juna Artistic TattooExclusive for Zodiac Event - March ** Open 20th March - Closed 10th April
Decor :  Spring Moment Scene by .:Tm:.Creation ** 100% ORIGINAL MESH - Available in PG or Adult version

Scene with rocks, ropes, flowers, pillows, stone pathway, lantern, wood piles, watering can, wildflowers** Exclusive for Boardwalk Event (Open 15th March to 15th April, 2019)

10% Discount

Shot ** 444** Heriah

Outfit: Heriah by :[P]:-  @Days of Yore   
Decor and background: Skeletal legion creatures by [HarshLands]