mercoledì 30 maggio 2018

Shot ** 251 ** Summer Meese

Outfit:Runaway Top & Shorts by [Sexy Princess] EXCLUSIVE for Dazzle Event starts on 1st June
Decor : Summer Meese for Arcade 2018  start 1° June -Tiny mouse decor and holdables by :[P]:-
Pose: Les EmotionsIII by The Secret Pose

martedì 29 maggio 2018

Shot ** 250 ** The Snake

Skin: Lilith Reborn Sloth by SINFUL NEEDS
Ears: Mesh Fae Ears by SINFUL NEEDS
Outfit:"Jewelust" set with HUD Maitreya, Slink(2), Tonic(2), TMP Attention: flat feet only! by LIC
Decor:Cleri Swirls by :[P]:-
Decor: Snake statue by [HarshLands]

sabato 26 maggio 2018

Shot ** 249 **

Dress: Left Field SKIRT and Top POSH Couture
Shoes:Socks and Pumps by MOoH! **18 sock colors and 8 pump colors to mix and match for 50% discount, which is just 99L. May 18 - May 31
Accessories:Moa Sunglasses by .::Crystal::.
Accessories:Bianca Flower Necklace // Orange by .::Crystal::.
MakeUp:  Ashia - Catwa by Alma Make-up Ashia are gradient lipsticks, 6 shades included + 1 exclusive blue shade.
Tattoo: ~ Watercolour Birds ~ Cardinal by  ~ Liquid ~

Shot ** 248 ** Summer

Dress: Tamra Halter by 1313 Mockingbird Lane ** This is a two piece set for Ultra Event start from the 15th to the 12th of each month
Accessories: Moa Sunglasses by .::Crystal::.
Accessories:Bianca Flower Necklace // Orange by .::Crystal::.

giovedì 24 maggio 2018

Shot ** 247 ** Blue

Dress:  Aggie Skirt Pink and top by [Lun'Atic]
Accessories: Bianca Flower Necklace // Orange by .::Crystal::.
Nails: Nailpolishes for Maitreya by The Plastik 
MakeUp: colour Me Skittles (FACE MAKEUP) by [TD]

mercoledì 23 maggio 2018

Shot ** 246 **Misaki

Tatoo: * Misaki tattoo off 25% only 140 L$ for the Expo Fair Event Open 10th May and ends on the 31th May by Juna Artistic Tattoo

martedì 22 maggio 2018

Shot ** 245 ** Kiss Me baby

Shorts:Parker shorts ripped color by MOoH!  ** White nights has another sales round May 20 - 28
Poses: MY LOVE & KISS ME BABY FOR THE CHAPTER FOUR by CNZ  Open 4th May- End 31th May 

Shot ** 244 ** Reverie

Dress : Lady Devil by KEY STYLE 
Skins: Amethyst by SINFUL NEEDS
Horns: Stryche Horns by :[P]:-
Accessories: Cleri Swirls by :[P]:-
Decor : Rune Stone Circle by [HarshLands]

lunedì 21 maggio 2018

Shot **243 ** Dolly

Dress: Dolly by KeyStyle 
Tattoo: Dala by juna artistic tatoo ** These are the tattoo for The Chapter Four

Shot ** 242 ** Yuni

Lingerie: Insolence panty  and top by LIC **set with a hud, 5 types of material with over 900 textures. maitreya, tmp, slink, tonic 
Shoes: YUNI PLATFORMS with RIBBONS by **MODA for PocketGacha ★ **
Tattoo: SHANTAL by ~KIRA TATTOO~ available at  EVENT :White Night start 20 May**this tattoo is included in the upper part of the hands + arms avatar
Poses: Asura by entangles poses

sabato 19 maggio 2018

Shot ** 241 ** Aie

Outfit: IMY by KOM 
Pose: Aie by The Secret Pose 
Tatoo:  SHANTAL by ~KIRA TATTOO~ available at  EVENT :White Night start 20 May
Lipstik:Toxic Neon (LIPGLOSS) by [TD] 

venerdì 18 maggio 2018

Shot ** 240 **

Moto: Harl AC7 Road
Unique construction sl makes by me even there Blender

Multicolor : Black,Chrome,Red,Yellon,Blue

Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.

giovedì 17 maggio 2018

Shot **239 **

Skirt: Dana by GAS
Top: Tank Top Finja BY GAS
Shoes: Victory BY Bishes inc
Moto and Poses: MODEL MOTo POSES BENTO + RUN COUPLE POSE BENTO + BIKER POSES BENTO by CNZ available at ebento pose
Accessories: Helmet included 

Shot ** 238 **

Outfit : Psalms Collection by Virtue
Shoes: Tamera Boots by *SOHOe SHOeS* 
Decor and background: Friends //8 by .::Crystal Poses::. 
Makeup: Toxic Neon [LIPGLOSS] by [TD] 

mercoledì 16 maggio 2018

Shot ** 237 ** Kyoko

MakeUp: Mariela Geisha Omega Advanced Applier - Face tattoo by *CH* available at expo fair start 10 may 
Accessories: Fingertips by L.I.C 

Shot ** 236 ** Akiko

Dress: - Maneko Minidress - by -Viki.available at expo fair start 10 may 
Shoes: - Shoes + Socks - Geta - Black Red - by -Tooty Fruity - available at expo fair start 10 may 
Poses: mika... (4) by Serendipity available at expo fair start 10 ma

martedì 15 maggio 2018

Shot ** 235 ** Hailey

Lingerie:  Hailey pink by [Sexy Princess]
Tattoo: MIUSIC LINE by KIRA TATTOO for Event -Crazy-Fashion

Shot ** 234 ** Lights

Shirt:Club Equalizer by [TD]
Skirt: ~ Lucy Skirt ~ by ~ [TCoD] ~
Shoes: Looking Glass Slippers by (*<*) 1313 **Demo available at the store on the third floor if you would like to try first.
Poses: Amber by entangled poses 
Decor: -S.E.A.N.Y. Drone - by  FERAL  **Customizable via HUD • HUD controlled with 10 colors • + Tintable version • Materials enabled • Levitation + Glowing effects • Companion version (attachment)

lunedì 14 maggio 2018

Shot ** 233 ** Avec Moi

OutFit: kimberly by KEY STYLE 
Pose : Avec Moi by The secret pose
DECOR: Shannia Picnic Set by :[P]:- outdoor picnic table and lights
Decor Butterfly : HUD multi rezzer for butterfly by ~TAURUS CREATIONS~

giovedì 10 maggio 2018

Shot ** 232 ** 47 Ronin

Outfit : HARUKO by Key style available at expo fair start 10 may 
 Decor :  Warrior's Gravestone and Incense Stone and Katana Stand by [HL] available at expo fair start 10 may 
Decor : ~Stone Ivy Flowers~ and ~Shrubs Bush ~ ~Shrubs Flowers by .:Tm:.Creation ** Exclusive for The Chapter Four Event (Open 4 to May 30, 2018)
Accessories: ~ Katana Sword & Case ~ Ryu by [ƬƇσƊ] 

mercoledì 9 maggio 2018

Shot ** 231 **

Shape: Jane by *CNZ* 
Decor: Twisted Trio by (*<*) 1313 This is for the Enchantment HUNT, which means it can be found at the Mainstore from May 12 to 31, 2018
Dress: Ghoul Dress by [TD]
Shoes: YUNI PLATFORMS by [MODA] **★ MODA for PocketGacha
Poses: Pandora1 by entangled poses
Tattoo: Espinilla by Juna  Artistic Tattoo

Shot ** 230 ** Piper

Dress: Bonnetta by Donni's Dollies
Shoes: Piper Barbed Pumps by *SOHOe SHOeS* New Release for The Darkness Event 5th-28th May 2018 
Tattoo: Lou by Juna available at The Avenue 
Decor: All You Need PG Beach Pouf & Decors by .:Tm:. Creation Exclusive for The Chapter Four Event (Open 4 to May 30, 2018)
MakeUp: - Eloise - by - ALMA Makeup -

martedì 8 maggio 2018

Shot ** 229 ** Jane

Shape:Jane by *CNZ* 
Outfit: Angelina Outfits by [Sexy Princess]
Decor : Spring boho gacha by MOoH! **These are the items for Illuminate April Start   April 18 - May 13

lunedì 7 maggio 2018

Shot ** 228 **

Dress: Morena by [Sexy Princess]
Shoes: ~ Cherryl Spikes Heel ~ by ~ [TCoD] ~
CAR: EFIJY by Arty Creation ** This box contains various Driver HUDs for use with v7. It includes the v7.0 HUD examples using both mesh and prim text menus that you can use as is or modify/rebuild for your own purposes.
Decor : Gas Pump Gilmore Gasoline model by Escape Art

giovedì 3 maggio 2018

Shot ** 226 ** Morgan

Outfit : Ealasaid for Fantasy Gacha Carnival opens May 7th by 1313 Mockingbird Lane
TATTOO: Morgan available at the Avenue Event by Juna Artistic Tattoo
Pose : Evadne 1 by Entangled Poses 

Shot ** 225 **

Makeup:- Glossy Blacks - Lelutka by - ALMA Makeup - Exclusive for The Darkness Monthly Event
Dress: ~ Anais Jumpsuit ~ Maitreya by ~ [TCoD] ~
Accessories: Cat Eye Sunglasses Hip 60's by DonnisDollies 
Nails: Bento Metallic Nails  Maitreya by L.I.C bento metal nails, all colors, each fingernail can be tinted individually 

mercoledì 2 maggio 2018

Shot ** 224 ** Elements

Dress: Delilah Lingerie by Tooty Fruity
Nails: Bento Metallic Nails  Maitreya by L.I.C bento metal nails, all colors, each fingernail can be tinted individually 
MakeUp: Petal Lashes by Stix 

Shot ** 223 ** keep dreams

Outfit : Sia outfit by MOoH! ** full outfit with jeans and pumps and a top in 8 colors
Decor :Tres Chic-Decor KeepDream ADT Pillows & Blankets by .:Tm:.Creation