martedì 4 settembre 2018

Shot ** 315 ** Bonnie e Clyde

Outfit Girl: Jennifer by Keystyle** Shirt, Pant, Boots, Glasses and Color HUD all includes** exlusive THE CRAZY EVENT 01 SEPTEMBER CLOSED 30
Outfit Man: mafia grey by DiMi's ** Shirt and pant , shoes and jacket and hat included for Signature, TMP, Slink, and fitmesh  
Moto: Harl AC7 Road*Unique construction sl makes by me even there Blender*Multicolor : Black,Chrome,Red,Yellon,Blue
Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Accessories:Helmet Motosport AC1by Arty Creation**contains 3 types: 
1) a helmet without script to avoid having lagg,
2) a helmet with script or the visor opens
3) a helmet that is put in the hand.