giovedì 23 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 632 ** Prelude

Dress: Sinful Body Chains by [Sexy Princess]
Pose : PRELUDE by MOCAP it **FEMALE sexy pose . You can place it in a bed, in a table or in a desk, over a wall, over a counter, on the sea.
based on standard shape maitreya 1 
Is included Mirror version and 1 face expression for Catwa, Lelutka, Genus, Body animation are arranged also in the ball. 
Shoes: DOMUS by Bishes inc @ ~Tres Chic Venue ~

Shot ** 631 ** Antonella

Dress:  Antonella *Arcane Spellcaster* exclusive bento **
Arcano Kabila is also a real stylist and you can also have your Second Life dress for your real life (in texture
  and changes exclusive for you in SL and RL) great tailoring ***HandMade in italy***

Shoes: Heels PF1042 by Glamistry *Multicolor HUD included!* info shoes Here
Backdrop and Pose:  Bento Poses - Chilling Stairs - by Creative StylezThe set includes the backdrop, and a set of men's and women's poses. The poses must be shown together with the backdrop. ▶▶ Exclusiv for "La vie en Pose" from 10th Jan. to 25th Jan. 2020 

Shot ** 630 ** Indiano

Outfit Girl: VENUS OUTFIT by Keystyle 
Motocyrcle: Indiano Chopper AC15 Argent By Arty Crea**
Unique construction sl makes by me even there blender
Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Alarm System – Optional anti-theft alarm system 
Realistic poses for driver and passenger 
Auto Light System – Optional automatic headlight / lights on with the engine. 
Automatic Transmission – optional automatic or manual gear shifting 
Belt Drive – texture animation for engine components while engine is running. 
Burnout – With customizable sound and particles. Trigger via key controls or Driver HUD 
Camera System – Menu adjustable camera settings and save and load from three presets 
Driver HUD – New ultra-low script count Driver HUD with position adjust and numerous control functions. 
Exhaust – particles and flames while the engine is running. 
HUD and Help notecard giver – optioal built in support for the vehicle to give out a HUD or help notecard to the driver. 
Group Access – Turn on group access so anyone in the same group as the vehicle can operate it 
Headlight – scriptless headlights and light system 
Lock/Unlock – unlock the bike so anyone can ride it. 
Menu Editable Controls – Menu editable controls include steering, gravity, banking, gear sets, volume and more 
NOS Boost – quick speed boost 
Passenger Camera – Menu adjustable camera for the passenger 
Passenger Eject – Launch unwanted passengers from the vehicle 
Race Align – function to align vehicle to exactly 90 degree rotations for racing on straight racks. 
Resizer – Built in resizer system. Resize the vehicle while you are seated, and scales your Park routine 
Reverse Light – activated by reverse gear 
Running Lights – lights that are activated via ignition 
Sound System – Dual menu swappable fully customizable sound sets 
Turbo – Additional engine and steering power for racing