giovedì 17 gennaio 2019

Shot **406** Nuova

Dress: Cinder Clothing Collection by :[P]:- ( Endoas Bikini) ** female- FLF till 1-13 then 299 afterwards
Tattoo: TATY 2 VERSION BLACK & WHITE by Kira Tattoo ** EXLUSIVE- Event   "On9"
Shape: NUOVA  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins - ♥♥ ---> Sense Event 15th January - February 8th
Skin - NUOVA omega FACE&BODY caramel by - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - ♥♥ ---> Sense Event 15th January - February 8th

Shot ** 405 ** Brian

Jacket: Brian by Key Style 
Pants: ALEXANDER by Key Style
Pose: Homme 11 by Jess Poses **Beer included
Auto: Rati Al'Fieri (v1.0.1) by [GQueue Motors]** 
Style HuD 
☞ Further Customizes your vehicle
☞ To access this feature: 
1. Simply wear the HuD (Included) 
2. Make your selection 
☞Default state is "DE-BRANDED". To show or hide the branding, please use the de-branding HuD included in the folder.
☞ This vehicle is all about role play...simply put. Included are several scenes to choose from to play out your RP on your own sim or a community sim. The rezzable scenes are as follows:
▪ Mechanic: Rezzes a Tool Chest with Adult Menu.  
▪ Wash Car1-3: Rezzes a wash bucket for you to wash your wheels and car for one person. Click the wash bucket to initiate. 
▪ Refuel: Rezzes a pump for you to refuel your vehicle.
☞ To access this feature: 
1. Click the steering wheel. 
2. Select your scene from the drop down menu.