venerdì 25 ottobre 2019

Shot ** 576** Kele

Tattoo: Kele tattoo MiniGacha ** EXCLUSIVE for Halloween Sales 2019** Open 24th October - Close 4th November by JunaArtistic Tattoo
Horns: Luciferan Horns - Black Fair 2019 by :[P]:- 
Panties: Leather Bikini by L.I.C.

Info tatoo here

Shot ** 575 ** Hunter

Outfit:  MoRnemiR & Amataria - Gacha Set "Hunter" Exclusive - DUBAI EVENT - 21 October only for Maitreya  
Pose and Decor:  Elephant poses ** Exclusive item for  Mad Circus Event Starts Oct 5-31 by Midnyte Creations ** Set of 12 poses on a Circus elephant
Poses are bento friendly, uses AV sitter for easy adjusting