martedì 19 giugno 2018

Shot ** 270 ** The magic portal

Avatar: Araxxis Gatcha Blogpack [Lootbox June] horns, skins, tails, jewelry. UNISEX. gatcha. lootbox June  by The Plastik **
Accessories: [GuiltyCrown]  Inori's void sword by [Mkbcult] ***
Separated-CS package info: (Separated by Combat System package) 
Package 1: [Ccs/Dcs2] weapon version package 
Package 2: [Gm/ML] weapon version package 
Package 3: [LLCS Linden Dmg] weapon package***

Decor : Runic Portal (with panorama) exclusive release for Swank Round  June Open 7th June and ends on the 5th July by [HarshLands]