venerdì 31 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 636 ** Shaman

Eyes: Heaven Eyes [GENUS, OMEGA] by ARTE
Tattoo: Shaman Series -// Earth (Neon Edition) by Nefekalum Tattoos 

martedì 28 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 635 ** Grimoire

Accessories: Grimoire Fontane & Life by :[P]:- @ [Boxed-FLF 1-10-20]

Shot ** 634 ** Kaos

Dress: Sandy outfit urban by **MOoH!
Boots: Dixie Boots and socks Robust by   **MOoH!
Accessories: Kaos Cuff and Kaos Eyepatch by --< RichB. >-- @ sanarae event ♥

venerdì 24 gennaio 2020

giovedì 23 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 632 ** Prelude

Dress: Sinful Body Chains by [Sexy Princess]
Pose : PRELUDE by MOCAP it **FEMALE sexy pose . You can place it in a bed, in a table or in a desk, over a wall, over a counter, on the sea.
based on standard shape maitreya 1 
Is included Mirror version and 1 face expression for Catwa, Lelutka, Genus, Body animation are arranged also in the ball. 
Shoes: DOMUS by Bishes inc @ ~Tres Chic Venue ~

Shot ** 631 ** Antonella

Dress:  Antonella *Arcane Spellcaster* exclusive bento **
Arcano Kabila is also a real stylist and you can also have your Second Life dress for your real life (in texture
  and changes exclusive for you in SL and RL) great tailoring ***HandMade in italy***

Shoes: Heels PF1042 by Glamistry *Multicolor HUD included!* info shoes Here
Backdrop and Pose:  Bento Poses - Chilling Stairs - by Creative StylezThe set includes the backdrop, and a set of men's and women's poses. The poses must be shown together with the backdrop. ▶▶ Exclusiv for "La vie en Pose" from 10th Jan. to 25th Jan. 2020 

Shot ** 630 ** Indiano

Outfit Girl: VENUS OUTFIT by Keystyle 
Motocyrcle: Indiano Chopper AC15 Argent By Arty Crea**
Unique construction sl makes by me even there blender
Have to many datei 
Best script in circulation, 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Alarm System – Optional anti-theft alarm system 
Realistic poses for driver and passenger 
Auto Light System – Optional automatic headlight / lights on with the engine. 
Automatic Transmission – optional automatic or manual gear shifting 
Belt Drive – texture animation for engine components while engine is running. 
Burnout – With customizable sound and particles. Trigger via key controls or Driver HUD 
Camera System – Menu adjustable camera settings and save and load from three presets 
Driver HUD – New ultra-low script count Driver HUD with position adjust and numerous control functions. 
Exhaust – particles and flames while the engine is running. 
HUD and Help notecard giver – optioal built in support for the vehicle to give out a HUD or help notecard to the driver. 
Group Access – Turn on group access so anyone in the same group as the vehicle can operate it 
Headlight – scriptless headlights and light system 
Lock/Unlock – unlock the bike so anyone can ride it. 
Menu Editable Controls – Menu editable controls include steering, gravity, banking, gear sets, volume and more 
NOS Boost – quick speed boost 
Passenger Camera – Menu adjustable camera for the passenger 
Passenger Eject – Launch unwanted passengers from the vehicle 
Race Align – function to align vehicle to exactly 90 degree rotations for racing on straight racks. 
Resizer – Built in resizer system. Resize the vehicle while you are seated, and scales your Park routine 
Reverse Light – activated by reverse gear 
Running Lights – lights that are activated via ignition 
Sound System – Dual menu swappable fully customizable sound sets 
Turbo – Additional engine and steering power for racing

mercoledì 22 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 629 ** Variela

Outfit: Variela Gatcha - Blogpack FULL Epiphany 1-15-2020 by :[P]:-
Decor : --The Binding Crystal-- by Harshlands @ .::Swank January 2020::.
Accessories: Veralius Staff [Right Norm] by :[P]:-

Shot **628 ** Valery

Top: "Valery" by MoRnemiR** new release main store only for Maitreya Lara 
Tattoo: Marta **EXCLUSIVE for eBento- January **Open 11th January - Closed 31th January** by Juna Artistic Tattoo 
Decor: Sf10 Hand to Hand Daybed PG-ADT - Exclusive for Vanity Event (Open 15th January to 8th February, 2020) Available in .:Tm:.Creation store after 9th February, 2020
Shoes :  SORAYA @ TRES CHIC by Bishes Inc

Info tattoo Here

martedì 21 gennaio 2020

Shot **627 ** Kassien

Outfit:  Kassien Gatcha - Blogpack Femme [Epiphany 1-2020] by :[P]:-**FREYA HG ISIS MAITREYA LEGACY
Tattoo:  New Construct for Humpday sale by Nefekalum Tattoos
Skin:  Araxxis Gatcha - Albino Skin by :[P]:-

lunedì 20 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 626 ** Heda

Outfit: Guardian by  - Wicca's Originals@ Mainframe Event // Jan 20th -. Feb 20th 3 Exclusives: Guardian Suit, Boots and Gloves are sold seperately and as a Fatpack with a huge discount for the event only. Sizes: Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass, Belleza Freya, Signature Gianni HUD: 6 Colors & Metals Please play with the HUD
Face tattoo: Heda Tattoo by --< RichB. >--@ Vanity event start Jan 15, 2020
Accessories: Heda Earring by --< RichB. >--@ Vanity event start Jan 15, 2020

domenica 19 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 625 ** Sexy

Outfit : Sexy Dangerous Suit by [ LsR ] ** Exclusive for Vanity Event January Round Open 5th

venerdì 17 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 624 ** Nova

Outfit: Nova outfit by MOoH! * The new group gift for January is up for you**A cute lounge outfit with socks for those days after the holidays in 6 colors. Socks are 1 size fits all. And of course a new raffle, 150L gift card and Lucky chairs. 

mercoledì 15 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 623 ** Aria

Top: "Aria" by Amataria Exclusive - eBento - 11 January only for Maitreya Lara 
Accessories: Eagledden Arms Engine Room by Wicca's Originals
Accessories: Eben Earrings by RichB ♥ Unik Event ♥

martedì 14 gennaio 2020

Shot **622 ** The cage

Outfit: Private Emotion Black & White Set by [Sexy Princess]
Tattoo: "Enhancement" (Red & Blue Packs) by Nefekalum Tattoos** Event: Mainframe **January 20th - February 20th
Decor : Cage  by Creative Stylez** bento poses cage included props

domenica 12 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 621 ** The Violin

Legs/Boots : Hallow Manor Exclusive & Gift by Wicca's Originals ** Left & Right Leg with boots + Left & Right Boot seperate: 100% Original Mesh, made for Maitreya Lara, Slink Hourglass & Belleza Freya

HUD: 8 Colors & 4 Metals

sabato 11 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 620 ** Lady Jolye

Outfit: Lady Jolye exclusive for the darkness event ,start 5 ,closed 28 by Keystyle
Decor: Kiki's Planetarium by [HarshLands] 

Shot ** 619 ** Nam

Tattoo: Nam by Juna Artistic tattoo EXCLUSIVE for SWANK - January - For Woman and Man Open 6th January - Closed 31th January ** Info tattoo here
Accessorie: Hamatis Earrings by --< RichB. >--

giovedì 9 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 618 ** Amy

Outfit: Autumn Outfit "Amy" by ♚ ::: Vivacious Inc. ::: ♚
Shoes: Fanatik shoes by Keystyle
Decor : B24 "Only for You" Pouf ADT-PG by  .:Tm:.Creation ** Exclusive for UniK Event (Open 7th 1PM SLT to 28th January, 2020)

Decor: Arvvinn Sconce by :[P]:- ( candle)

mercoledì 8 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 617 ** Serafin

Outfit: Serafin by Keystyle ** exclusive for the SWANK event ,start 7 ,closed 30 January
Motocycle: BMV S1000 GP By Arty Crea  
** Full Detailled 
Best script low lag 
KCP ACS CHOPPER SCRIPT and Pose menu Fully customizable of Arty Création.
Realistic poses for driver 
Turbo – Additional engine and steering power for racing
Content Hud For Race and Tiny Cam 
May also add your name and logo

Shot ** 616 ** Mirna

Pants: Pant Mirna by *Arcane Spellcaster** I remember that Arcano Kabila is also a real stylist and you can also have your Second Life dress for your real life (in texture

  and changes exclusive for you in SL and RL) great tailoring ***HandMade in italy***
free worldwide shipping!
for info: Arcano Kabila!

Tattoo: Veronika tattoo by Juna Artistic Tattoo ** EXCLUSIVE for The Liasion Collaborative - January - Open 3rd December - Closed 26th January 

martedì 7 gennaio 2020

Shot **615 ** Araxxis

Tattoo: Of Pharaoh (Face Applier) by Nefekalum **  Is the new group gift, now available at the main store
Skin: Araxxis Gatcha - Albino Skin by :[P]:-

lunedì 6 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 614 ** Face

domenica 5 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 613 ** Sira

Decor : Firefly Chandelier by Salacity exclusive release for the Southern Charm event Dec. 10 - Jan 5

sabato 4 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 612 ** The Runegate

Outfit : Adria Magical Girl by :[P]:- ( no Mask) 
Decor : The Runegate by [HL] exclusive @ SaNaRae event start December 26, 2019 -Event Closing Date: January 17, 2020  

giovedì 2 gennaio 2020

Shot ** 611 ** Lucy

Outfit: Set "Lucy" by Amataria**  Exclusive to event "Cosmopolitan" - 30 December

Shot ** 610 ** Capture the moment

Outfit: Destiny dress Flow by MOoH!
colors for 50% discount, which is just 99L. Dec 27 - Jan 9 in the main store. 
Decor: GM36 Frogs Fountain PG-ADT by .:Tm:.C** Esclusive for Driftwood Event - The Day Thereafter (Open December 31th, 2019 to January 24th, 2020)
Pose:  Capture the Moment by Midnyte Creations** Set of 4 poses, comes with pose stand using AV sitter for easy adjusting and 4 sets of pose balls.