sabato 29 dicembre 2018

venerdì 28 dicembre 2018

mercoledì 26 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 390 ** Aida

Tattoo: Aida by Juna Artistic Tattoo ** Exclusive for eBENTO Event - December -
Open 10th December - Close 1st January **Tattoo Multiple hud contains the applier for mesh Body in 3 tone
Decor : Harvest Covenna & Qeli Decor by :[P]:- 

venerdì 21 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 389 ** Logan

Tattoo: Logan by KiraTattoo EVENT EBENTO IN COLLABORATION WITH ALTAMURa** Round Start:  10/ december
Pose: Chien 01 by Jess Pose ** dog included
Decor : XMAS HOME BACKDROP FOR THE SECRET AFFAIR by CNZ** 5 December - 5 January ** Christmas Theme Background NO POSES INCLUDED

giovedì 20 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 388 ** Jolli

Dress: Jolli & Merri Christmas Collection by :[P]:-** Fifty Linden Friday- 50L for the weekend. Afterwards, 299L. please include this info.
Poses: Mere-Noel 5 by Jesse Poses @ Event Versus start
Decor:Christmas puppy in Santa's sack by MOoH!** The gacha life Dec 5 - 31. This is a little gift for the Gacha life group. 
Skin :- AMORIE omega FACE&BODY sand by 7 Deadly s[K]ins  based on omega Genus Head @ ♥♥ ---> Designer Circle  9 December  - 22 December  2018
Shape:- AMORIE shape [ GENUS head] DEF by 7 Deadly s[K]ins @♥♥ ---> Designer Circle  9 December  - 22 December  2018
Decor: Choo choo gacha by  These are the items for Secret Affair Dec  Dec 5 - Jan 5 ** is offering an adorable train set with ride-able and miniature trains. ​It is 50L a try. By  MOoH! 

martedì 18 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 387 ** Pam

Tattoo: Pam tattoo by Juna Artistic Tattoo**Exclusive for Spectrum Event - December- Open 5th December - Close 25th December **This product contains: 

- Tattoo for Classic Avatar in 3 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75% and Light 50%);
- Appliers Hud for mesh Body in 3 tone (Dark 100%, Medium 75% and Light 50%) for:
• Belleza
• Maitreya
• EvE
• Slink
• Signature
• Altamura
• Omega system

Decor:  Backdrop Chic Room by  #Cranked#** Suicide DollZ. The darker side of your SL EVENT ! Start 16.12.18 1PM 
Pose:  Pose Lit 5 by Jess Pose

Shot ** 386 ** Sidecar

 Motorcycle: Guzi V7 Sidecar by Arty Creation
This box contains various Driver HUDs for use with v7. It includes the v7.0 HUD 
ACSv7.0 DRIVER HUD (Prim Display) v7.0 
ACSv7.0 DRIVER HUD (Mesh Display) v7.0 
Changes from the v7 beta:You can now customize the HUD sounds.
ACS Classic DRIVER HUD v5forv7 - this is an update of the v5 series HUD root script to work with v7
KCP Classic v4 BIKE HUD - the basic v4 series Bike HUD using the v7 HUD root script. Example of using prim names for the HUD API commands
KCP Classic Bike HUD - the original v3 series Bike HUD using the v7 HUD root script. Example of using prim names for the HUD API commands

lunedì 17 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 385 ** Esistiamo io e te

Dress: Shadowhunters by Keystyle
Wings: Swing  by Keystyle ** Tha gacha items of divinity Angel (only 60L)
Decor : Runalla Candles by :[P]:- @ the capter four 
Pose: Fatpack violin by Jess Poses
Statue: Esistiamo "Io" e "Te"-by Mistero Hifeng ** Retrospect**

giovedì 13 dicembre 2018

Shot **384** KIM

Dress: KIM VIOLET by Keystyle 
Shoes: SHIVANI HEELS & HUD by MODA @ Kinky 
Decor: pet beds to pamper your little ones By MOoH! ** @TWE12VE Dec Glam Dec 12 - 31
Decor Wall: Animate Moon Picture by CNZ @Suicide DollZ 02 - 14 November**14 Textures + Tint with HUD, Animate Cloud and Sparke Effect for Stars

Shot ** 383 ** Shivani

Auto: Q-Se7en (v3.0.6) by [GQueue Motors]**
[GQueue Motors] Q-Se7en (v3.0.6) FEATURES: ===============================
☞ This vehicle is all about role play...simply put. Included are several scenes to choose from to play out your RP on your own sim or a community sim. The rezzable scenes are as follows:

 ▪ Mechanic (ADULT): Rezzes a Tool Chest that contains the adult animation menu.
 ▪ Red Carpet Driver and Pass: Rezzes a roped off red carpet for RP at formal affairs or photos. 
 ▪ Wash Car1-3: Rezzes a wash bucket for you to wash your wheels and car for one person. Click the wash bucket to initiate.
 ▪ Refuel: Rezzes a pump for you to refuel your vehicle.
 ▪ Carshow: Rezzes a roped area surrounding your vehicle for displaying at a car show.

mercoledì 12 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 382 ** Kiba

Lingerie: Rachael Lingerie by L.I.C.
Shoes: TABOO Shoes (seduction Fair Exc) by Bishes Inc
Skin: Judith omega FACE&BODY Butter  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins - @♥♥ ---> The Secret Affair open 5 December
Tattoo: Kiba tattoo Woman by   Juna Artistic Tattoo** ESCLUSIVE: Christmas Around the World  - December - Open 8th December - Close 22st December
Decor: Animate Moon Picture by CNZ @Suicide DollZ 02 - 14 November**14 Textures + Tint with HUD, Animate Cloud and Sparke Effect for Stars
Makeup: Soft Gloss CATWA by MOMOS

martedì 11 dicembre 2018

Shot **381** Rachael

Outfit:Rachael Dress and Shoes by L.I.C

Make-Up: Soft Gloss CATWA by MOMOS
Decor: Christmas snowglobe by MOoH! **  exclusive gift for Grumpy Santa hunt Dec 3 - 31        
Pose: Jess Poses Fatpack 1 @  Event Infinity 

sabato 8 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 380 ** Ania

Shape:  JUDITH by  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins - @♥♥ ---> The Secret Affair open 5 December** based on Genus and LAQ
Skin: Judith omega FACE&BODY Butter  by 7 Deadly s[K]ins - @♥♥ ---> The Secret Affair open 5 December
Nails: Holomas Nail Applier by [Seydr] **Available at we heart roleplay. 50L promo

giovedì 6 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 379 ** The Woodlets

Avatar: --The Woodlets!-- by Harshlands ** @ .::The Secret Affair December 2018::.
1] Base Avatars: The basic Woodlet avatars being sold via Gacha machine. 
2] Limited Edition Yuley: A special Woodlet, direct purchase, that will be limited to Christmas season.
3] Accessories: Rigged mesh accessories, compatible to Woodlet Avatars (some might not be compatible with the Limited Edition), being sold via Gacha Machine.

mercoledì 5 dicembre 2018

Shot ** 378 ** Christmas Judith

Dress: Christmas outfit shoes included by Keystyle @ The Best point open 10 December 
Skin:  Judith omega FACE&BODY cotton candy by 7 Deadly s[K]ins@♥♥ ---> The Secret Affair open 5 December
Decor: Backdrop Knusper Knaeschen Cute by #Cranked# * On9 Event start 9.12.2018 *